$375.00 FOR 5 CLASSES

$700.00 FOR 10 CLASSES

$1,300.00 FOR 20 CLASSES


(maximum of 6 participants per class)

$22.00 (DROP-IN) Per Person


$105.00 FOR 5 CLASSES

$200.00 FOR 10 CLASSES

$360.00 FOR 20 CLASSES

REFORMER CLASSES   (maximum of 4 participants per class)


(maximum of 4 participants per class)

$35.00 (DROP-IN) Per Person


$150.00 FOR 5 CLASSES

$280.00 FOR 10 CLASSES

$500.00 FOR 20 CLASSES



Pilates is a great workout!  Not only will you become more flexible (flexibility is not a prerequisite!) and stronger, you'll develop a deeper relationship with your body.  You'll learn how to move from deep within your joints and strengthen the smaller muscles that surround each major articulation in a balanced way to help stabilize and protect them. During a session, you will strengthen your toes, ankles, lower legs, upper legs, deep within the pelvis and abdomen, all around your torso,  and deep along your spine. You will also work to stabilize your shoulder girdle for better planks and maybe even handstands. We work the wrists, the fingers and the neck, too. Most important of all, you will strengthen and nourish your mind.  


Sessions for the Beginner

Pilates is for every body. Pilates is famously known for its ab toning. However, it's one of the very best methods for strengthening and stabilizing all of the joints in the body regardless of your fitness level. In a beginning session, you will learn the essential Pilates movements and how your body best responds to the exercises.  At Sundara, we strive to offer the most expert care with instructors well-trained in anatomy, therapeutic movement, and an integrated approach to your health and fitness. 

In private lessons, you will get to know the Pilates workout and build a solid readiness for group classes. The sessions are always geared toward your specific goals - you may be interested in an hour of relaxing, stretching, strength building and receiving gentle assisted stretches, yoga asana or Thai massage,  or you may want a fast-paced, traditional Pilates session. Whichever type of session you’re after, we are happy to oblige!


Sessions for the Advanced Practitioner

This is for the yogis, athletes, and seasoned Pilates enthusiasts who want to deepen their practice.  The intermediate and advanced work can take you to your next level and beyond.   After your fabulous workout, finish with assisted asana or a Thai massage and a šhavasana.


Thai Yoga Massage Blend Sessions

Move, breathe, strengthen, and get your blood pumping followed by a 30-minute Thai yoga massage.



Our studio is located on the 1st floor of the Sundara Wellness building. Please check in at the front desk before your class.

We offer mats and any equipment that is needed for each class.