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Sundara Wellness Center

Our center provides acupuncture, yoga, Pilates, physical and pelvic therapy, massage, nutritional planning, women’s primary care and more in the heart of Midtown Memphis.


care as unique as you

Sundara Wellness is a collective of healthcare specialists who share a vision to offer complete and accessible care for all. We focus on integrating every aspect of your wellness through a holistic, personalized, and preventative approach.

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self-care isn't selfish

Too often, busy schedules and constant demands convince our clients that their time is only well spent when serving others. But caring for others starts with a healthy self. This is why we encourage supportive self-care and preventative wellness: so that you can continue living and loving fully.

Acupuncture at Sundara Wellness Center

meet the team

At Sundara Wellness Center, our diverse, experienced team of health experts is proud to offer a wide range of holistic wellness services including acupuncture, pelvic health physical therapy, massage therapy, nutritional planning and dietetics, Pilates, yoga, and women's primary care.

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